Ecological surveyor and ECoW providing services throughout the south west

Phase 1 Ecology


An experienced ecological surveyor and ecological clerk of works based in the south west, offering a diverse range of surveys for a wide variety of protected and priority species, and habitats. Natural England Class Licences held for Bats and Dormice. Ensuring that your project is delivered to a professional standard, with an ethical approach to wildlife and the natural environment.

Qualifications and Credentials

Great crested newt (Triturus cristatus) taken under licence H Torr

-MSc Earth Sciences    

-BSc (Hons) Geosciences 

-WML-CL10a - Dormouse Class 1  

 survey licence

-WML- CL18 – Bat Class 2 Survey Licence

-CSCS – Ecologist – CITB –

 Construction Skills Health and Safety

-Graduate member of the 

 Chartered Institute of Ecology and

 Environmental Management (GradCIEEM)

-Professional indemnity and public 

 liability insurances

-Full Clean Driving Licence

Professional Services and Skills


-Badger surveys 

-Barn owl surveys

-Bat data analysis (using AnalookW) 

-Bat surveys - (Class 2 Bat Survey Licence) with own bat detector

-Dormouse surveys (Class 1 survey licence)

-ECoW – for details please contact me

-Otter surveys

-Phase 1 habitat/PEA surveys & reporting

-QGIS mapping 

-Report writing 

-Reptile and amphibian surveys and

 translocation (including eDNA testing for


-Water Vole surveys

NB: Class Licences are shown in bold where held. All other species surveys requiring class licences, are offered as assisting role only

About Our Surveyor

Helen K Calver BSc (Hons), MSc, GradCIEEM


Our ecologist, Helen, has a background in geosciences, specialising in past and present climate change. Having spent almost 20 years in Scotland, Helen returned to Devon in 2014 with her family, and became increasingly involved with a number of conservation groups - helping with national dormouse and bat monitoring programmes, and river fly monitoring. She holds a Natural England Class 1 Survey Licence for dormice, Class 2 Survey Licence for Bats, and is currently working towards a Licence  for great crested newts. 

In the spring of 2017, Helen began working with a small number of Devon-based ecologists as an ecological surveyor, becoming a graduate member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management in December the same year. Helen set up Phase 1 Ecology in April 2018, providing an ethical, professional standard of services to individuals, organisations, and over 20 ecological consultancies throughout the south west.

For further information please contact me

Helen K Calver BSc(Hons) MSc GradCIEEM

Phase 1 Ecology

Based at Dawlish, South Devon, UK

Tel: 07738098182 Email: